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InterludePlus - a new generation project 2018.08.19

The time has come! Let's arrange a coup in the world of Lineage 2.

Do not miss the chance to become the first in a new project that has collected everything you love.

Our project is accessible and simple even for those who are just beginning to get acquainted with the amazing world of Lineage 2.

Tired of the monotony?

Do you want something new?

Are you waiting for a bright, worthy project?

With us you will forget about the boring and monotonous game.

Look at the interlude in a new light:

Fixed all the defects of the chronicles.
Balance of professions, quality customer.
The server is implemented on the PTS platform.
Absence of bots, radars, clickers, etc.
The best of HighFive, Interlude and Classic chronicles is taken.

What awaits you:

  • Updated, improved client without unnecessary clicks and installations.
  • Modified and colorful interface.
  • Class balancing. Now everything is decided by your hands.
  • We took the best from the chronicles of HighFive, Interlude and Classic - something that captures the spirit, something that attracts and makes the game both rich and interesting.


We can safely introduce you a NEW and only project where everything is done

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